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Amount payable for 1000 link views in a 24-hour period. 

Adsense Preview Tool To Increase the Earning

Preview Tool from Adsense is an extremely useful and essential tool for all the ads publishers. It enables you to take a look what sort of advertisements will be displayed with corresponding site. Very often, owing to intense curiosity, many adsense clicks on their own ads and wish to know what is behind their ads. No! Stop it! You are now allowed to do so under Adsense TOS. You should use Adsense Preview Tool to learn more about your ads. Do not try to click your advertisements!!

To install:

- Click the link below and select Save Target As... Save the registry file (.reg) to your desktop.

- Double-click the file from your desktop. A confirmation window will appear - click Yes to continue. The registry update will self-install.

- Restart Internet Explorer by closing all open IE windows. That's it! 

- Clicking the right mouse button from any web page will open your context menu 

Select Google AdSense Preview Tool from the menu to launch the preview tool. 

Please do not click from within the ad format itself, or relevant ads will not appear within the preview tool.

To uninstall:

- Click the link below and select Save Target As... Save the registry file (.reg) to your desktop

- Double-click the file from your desktop. A confirmation window will appear - click Yes to continue. 

- All preview tool files will be deleted from your system. 

- Restart Internet Explorer by closing all open IE windows. 
You can then delete the downloaded .reg file from your desktop.

Code To Disable Right Click in Blogger Blogs to Protect Source Code

Disable mouse right click button function in blogger pertaining to secure you image or source file.

You may have seen in some webpage whenever you click right button of mouse an alert message box show message “function disable” and right button click not show function (Option) like copy past etc…

You can also Disable right click function within your blog or website you just need a little “javascript” which

is below given.

How to web page disable right click function (Option) in blogger’s Blog:
Disable Right Click
Just follow below step for Disable mouse right click function (Option).

1)Sign in - in your blogger account

2)Select your Blog in which blog you want to Disable right click function.

3)Go to Layout Option.

4)In Layout option there is an Add Gadget Option Select this (see below demo image)

5)After select Add Gadget a popup window will be open

6)Now select “HTML/JavaScript” Gadget.

7)Now add below HTML Script in Content Box.

<script language=javascript>
var message="Function Disabled!";
function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;
function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;
if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){
document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")

8)Now press Save Button after save press Save Arrangement Button on layout page.

9)Now check your blog Mouse right click function is disable in your blog.

Utilize Google Plus Comment System in the Blogger Blog Websites

Google have got improved countless things in the Blogger and a week ago they have updated the Edit Html therefore the bloggers can potentially customize their blogger template and yesterday they have updated the Blogger comment system with the Google plus comment box and the Google plus comment box have many amazing attributes! we can in addition share our comment in your Google plus profile and we can also set the privacy that who can see our comment in the Google plus profile.

 Google plus comment system

As we have discussed earlier it have many awesome characteristics like we are able to access the comments by top comments or newer comment and there is also Google plus button therefore we can +1 the comment and to reply any comment there is also reply option is available so you can start your conversation easily! It also have comment count on the top of the comment box so we can know how many comments we got so far. This is the really brilliant update from Google for blogger blogs.

Advantages of having Google plus comment box

1)Your follower will increase.
2)It takes too much less time to load.
3)It will give a professional look to blogger template.
4)It have Google +1 button under the every comments!

How to Enable Google Plus Comment box for the blogger blog?

1. Login into your blogger account
2. Now Go to Google+ and then select “Use Google+ Comments on this blog” and your Google+ comment box will be activated for your blogger blog.

Google have Updated Blogger "Edit Html" Section to a Attractive Screen

             Blogger is an amazing place for the novice to learn blogging and Google have improved many things in the blogger before Google have change the whole interface of the blogger after which they have added the Search Preference, 404 page error and many more stuff they have added in the 2013. and also recently they have updated their Edit html. Earlier i was using notepad++ to customize my blogger template because the older Edit Html was quit boarding plus it was too hard to find the bugs in the template so i was making use of Notepad++, in Notepad++ its too easy to spot the bugs and to resolve it. Now the blogger have modified their Edit html and its look like i am working in the notepad++ and its seriously amazing update by the Google.
Edit Html Update
               And moreover when we press preview template then it will preview the changes in the same windows and that's the best thing i'm keen on about this update and you can search for your own code by pressing Ctrl+F as you where doing in the older Edit Html

Increasing Twitter traffic by 200% [VIDEO]

How to Get Traffic from Twitter: 

There are a lot of hep cats out there in the not online world, but they may be a bit quiet about discussing what they like with other folks. Luckily for us, you will discover huge flocks of rad birds online! Tweeting birds, actually. The type thatlove to tweet all day about how exactly many worm-selling websites they have ranking in the SERPs and enjoy retweeting the silly videos their bird friends sing about.It turns out that after a while, those bird friends might be pretty hard to get to join your flock!

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Add Facebook Recommendation Bar to Blogger Blogs

Facebook Recommendation Bar
In order to participate readers a lot more and also let your website visitors spend more time on your own web page Facebook offers finally launched the "Recommendations Bar" in beta version.