Google have Updated Blogger "Edit Html" Section to a Attractive Screen

             Blogger is an amazing place for the novice to learn blogging and Google have improved many things in the blogger before Google have change the whole interface of the blogger after which they have added the Search Preference, 404 page error and many more stuff they have added in the 2013. and also recently they have updated their Edit html. Earlier i was using notepad++ to customize my blogger template because the older Edit Html was quit boarding plus it was too hard to find the bugs in the template so i was making use of Notepad++, in Notepad++ its too easy to spot the bugs and to resolve it. Now the blogger have modified their Edit html and its look like i am working in the notepad++ and its seriously amazing update by the Google.
Edit Html Update
               And moreover when we press preview template then it will preview the changes in the same windows and that's the best thing i'm keen on about this update and you can search for your own code by pressing Ctrl+F as you where doing in the older Edit Html


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