Highest Paid URL Shortener that Really Pays

Ad5.eu is a new url shortener among the maximum paid url shorteners that pays more than $10. 00 per 1000 clicks on your shorten link. Also refer people and earn 10% commission of their lifetime earnings. $0. 50 is the minimum payout through Paypal which is the best URL Shortner onlineThe average earners in Ad5.eu are making $100 per day. If you have not been toAd5.eu then your have not started making money with short URL.

Listed below publisher pay pout rates for some countries and main point is they pay for each and every country so please visit the website to know more on it.As it is new to the market it will be most popular url shorteners shortly so take this chance to be the first among others.

Just give a try with this new ad network and see the magic around you.All the best for your work on it and make cash rapid.


Unique CPV (with referral link) = Amount payable for 1000 visitors in a 24-hour period.

Unique CPV (without referral link) = Direct traffic (no referral link from another site) shall be paid 10% of standard price.
Amount payable for 1000 link views in a 24-hour period. 


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